Sunday School – Monsters

I teach the 4 – 6 year olds in Sunday school.  This week’s topic was “monsters”.

We normally start our class sitting in a circle on the floor and we go around for “check in”.  We talked about who dressed up as what for Halloween.  Most of the girls were princesses of one kind or another – all Disney characters.  A couple of children were animals; I had a cat and a tiger.  We talked about our favorite candy and how much candy they got trick or treating.  Most of the kids shared their candy when they got home though one little girl said she sold her extra candy to her parents!

After that, we got up and figured out how monsters look and act.  We figured out how monsters walk; well, they don’t walk per se, they tend to stomp.  We figured out that monsters tend to have claws and roar loudly.  So, there we were, stomping around the room, with our hands contracted into claws and roaring (quietly; we didn’t want to scare the other classes).  I thought it was a pretty good game, but some of the kids ended up scaring some of the other kids, so we had to wrap it up rather abruptly.

We had snack time and I read a story called Some of my Best Friends are Monsters.  It was a pretty good book and had lots of detailed pictures.  Most of the kids were scrambling to find the various monsters wandering around the boy’s house, helping him do his chores and so on.  I had also brought a book from home called The Monster at the End of this Book.  It was one of my favorite books when I was little and my son really likes it too.

It’s an “interactive” story staring Grover from “Sesame Street“.  He’s scared of monsters, so he keeps trying to get the reader to stop turning pages.  He ties the pages together, he builds a brick wall, and when he gets to the end… well, check it out for yourself.

The one thing I have noticed about teaching Sunday school with the little kids is that they don’t mince words.  The class started out a bit rocky.  “Are we going to sit in this circle forever?!”, but at the end I had to read The Monster at the End of this Book twice, so – all in all – I think it went pretty well.


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