Sunday School Topics

I’ve pretty much given up on whether or not a given topic is going to fly in Sunday School.  For example, a couple of weeks ago I got the topic “Rules Are Fun”.


Surprisingly the kids loved the rules topic.  We all thought of rules that we follow: rules that we follow to stay safe.  We played “Follow the Leader” then we had an activity where we had to follow a set of rules.  We all had to draw things and – yet – we all ended up with slightly different drawings even though we followed the same rules… hmm… something to think about.

On the other hand, this last Sunday we had a topic “Working Together”.  I know I was in trouble when my assistant failed to show up.  Then, none of the kids could think of something they liked to do with other kids.  Eventually, they did think of something that is best done with someone else: fight!  We had a puppet show that turned into “Punch and Judy” and free play turned into tackle football… without the football.

I went home to make sure that we’re not covering “Peace and Love” anytime soon.  Otherwise, I might have had to call in sick.


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