Belvidere to Palm Springs

We woke up early.  It was three degrees outside (actual; the wind chill was even worse).  It had snowed a bit during the night, but it was clear in Belvidere as we slipped and slided our way out the door with our luggage.  The sky clouded up towards O’Hare Airport; a specially designed cherry picker with a fire hose steam cleaned the ice off the wings of our plane.  This was the edge of a yet another storm moving through the Midwest.  Still, we took off on time.

A few hours later we landed in Los Angeles for a brief layover, basically long enough to jog from our gate to another gate at the exact opposite end of the terminal.  I saw the sun and some mountains through the window as we boarded a puddle jumper to Palm Springs.

I got a quick laugh when the flight attendant described what to do “in the unlikely event of a water landing” (take a look at where Palm Springs is on a map if you don’t get it) and then we were off.  Thirty minutes later, we were at our final destination.  I got off the airplane still wearing my winter coat.  That came off in a hurry!  I picked up our rental car – a new blue Mustang convertible – and we wasted no time putting the top down.  Meka’s dad met us at the airport and helped with the bags.  We followed him back to their house where Meka’s mom was waiting.

20080309-095552The first thing Daniel wanted to do was swim in the pool in their backyard.  Grandma was worried.

“It’s kind of cool out there,” she said.  “Do you think he’ll be all right?”

It was 80 degrees outside.  Meka and I just gave each other a quick glance.

“Yes, he’ll be fine.”


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