Getting More Oil in my Diet

In my effort to be healthier, I joined Weight Watchers with my wife. It’s a system where everything you eat is worth points and you only have so many points to eat each day. I get 28 points each day. That’s enough to have a couple of Whoppers… if I didn’t eat anything else.

Besides the points, there are a number of core directives. You need to drink two glasses of milk a day. For me, that’s actually less than I drink right now. I am a big milk drinker, between me and my son we go through two or three gallons a week. You need to drink six glasses of water. I’ve got that covered too. The biggest challenge was fruits and vegetables and oils.

I mentioned there had to be lots of oil in a Whopper. Meka replied that it was fat, not oil, in and around a Whopper. The oil I was supposed to be taking was vegetable oil, canola oil, fish oil, stuff like that. The Weight Watchers facilitator mentioned mixing it with bread or drizzling it on my dinner. She mentioned a couple of people in the meeting actually just slam down a teaspoon or two. None of those choices sounded too appealing.

I went shopping for some relatively healthy and low-cal selections. Ironically, the healthy stuff seems to be a lot more expensive than the regular food. I was going to pick up a couple of TV dinners that I could heat and eat at lunch time. The basic Banquet meals were $1 and the Healthy Choice ones were over $3. Actually there were several Banquet meals that were close to the Healthy Choice meals in terms of points, so they went in the cart and the “healthy” ones stayed where they were in the freezer. I picked up a bag of salad too. I figure that when I watch TV and need to snack mindlessly on something, I can eat green leafy stuff just as easily as pretzels.

I went over to the prescription area to pick up some vitamins. I haven’t taken vitamins regularly since I was a kid. Believe it or not, they actually make adult chewable vitamins. Unfortunately, the only flavor they had was orange. When I was a kid, I liked the red Flintstones vitamins best. In the end, I decided to be a man and got the men’s health vitamins. These are about half the size of my finger and looked like they’re made of particle board.

If I thought they had a lot of vitamins, I was absolutely floored by all the nutritional supplements. There was rose petal, royal bee jelly, grape seed. If they had a jar of eye of newt, I wouldn’t have been surprised. I had never heard of half the stuff on the shelves and had no idea what it was supposed to do besides lighten my wallet. However, I did find oil in capsule form. I picked up a dark brown bottle of linseed oil which I’ve been told is healthy and swallow one before each meal. They’re big too, but smooth. They go down pretty easily.

So, I’m doing pretty well on Weight Watchers. I’ve got a healthy eating plan. I’m drinking my milk and eating my veggies. I drink six glasses of water a day, half of them to hack down those vitamins. And now I have my linseed oil needs taken care of.

We’ll see how I do in my second week!


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