Backseat Archaeology

Last weekend when it was spring here in temperature as well as season, my wife decided that she would take on the task of cleaning out my car. She was trained to be a classical archaeologist and therefore well suited to the task of digging through the detritus of past epochs in the Corolla era.

Meka was able to date most of the finds. Like many archaeological digs, there was layering of the eras with the bottom being the earliest. This was independently confirmed by the dates of old industry magazines wedged under the seats. There was a wadded up map of Wisconsin in the December timeframe; this would make sense as I got a TomTom for Christmas and have since sworn off paper maps.

She located many, many pieces of paper: old napkins from various fast food establishments, crushed and torn boxes of Kleenex, folded pieces of notebook paper. Some still had legible lists of things to do written on them. Some to do’s still hadn’t been done.

After the long winter, it was a little frightening what she pulled out of the nooks and crannies. Desiccated French fries were wedged in the seat belt holes. Dried cola stuck to the bottoms of the drink holders. She found mysterious bits of organic matter under Daniel’s car seat. They may have been edible at one time, but now they were not only unsafe to eat, but Meka put gloves on so she wouldn’t be cursed when throwing them away.

However, many items showed no sign of deterioration and could be reused after some cleaning. Meka pulled out half a dozen plastic cups from the gas station. Once cleaned, they can be filled up with our beverage of choice for half price. She pulled out at least 420 ball point pens from under the driver’s seat alone. Several ice scrapers were extracted and placed on the peg board in the garage for display. A couple were left in situ as spring may just be a temporary phenomenon.


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