On This Earth Day

On this Earth Day, I’ve taken a look at what we do towards following the environmental trinity of reusing, reducing and recycling.  While we can do more, of course, I think we do a pretty good job in our household.

Our house holds three people and in any given week, we probably fill two kitchen bags full.  It fits nicely in our rollaway trash can.  Compared to a lot of our neighbors with two, three, even four cans out at the end of their driveway every trash day, this is one area that I don’t mind not keeping up with the Joneses.

In terms of reusing, our house is filled with “repurposed” furniture courtesy of our relatives… we’re working on changing this.  Computers are another area where we excel at reuse.  The last new computer I bought was ten years ago.  I have bins of equipment down in the basement that I have used to create the “Frankenputers” Daniel and I use… and to keep them up and running more or less.

We fill two green bins for recycling every week.  Meka is careful to separate out her office paper.  We recycle our newspapers over the weekend and magazines.  Daniel likes to crush the cardboard boxes; as our resident eight year old, destruction is right up his alley.

So, on this Earth Day, we can take heart that we’re doing our part.  Of course, this may be short-lived.  Our house is a mess and Earth Day is going to give way to the next holiday: Spring Cleaning!


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