Lost Dog

The big news around Belvidere this past week has been Shave, the lost dog.  The first fliers showed up about a week ago, neatly typed with the basic information: lost male Chihuahua, about four and a half pounds, last seen near Shattuck Road.  A “cash reward” was offered.

As the week progressed, the signs changed from typed to handwritten.  Photocopied pictures of Shave and his owner covered the pages.  The cash reward had been upped to “large cash reward”, possibly to overcome the fact that Shave is described as “generally unfriendly”.  Some of the handouts had additions in pen on the sides or near the bottom; “If you see him, he needs to go to the vet for his medicine!

This week, there was little news on Shave, but the owner was another matter.  “Mommy is dying!” read the last one taped to the trash can at Subway.

I hope Shave is located, if more for his owner’s sake than anything else.  We’ve had a freeze in the last couple of weeks and a couple of good sized storms.  Even a typical breeze in Belvidere would probably propel a four and a half pound dog into the next county.  In any case, Shattuck Road is uncomfortably close to I-90, four lanes of traffic moving at more than 70 miles an hour.  While I don’t hold out much hope for the little dog, to be fair I didn’t think they’d get the kid out of the well either.  I’ll keep you apprised of the situation as it unfolds… and if you happen to see an unfriendly, bug eyed, little black and white Chihuahua, let me know.

"Shave" and "Santa"
"Shave" and "Santa"

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