The Fickle Finger of Mother Nature

20080517143432Daniel and I set up the flower box for my brother’s grave on the front porch a couple of weekends ago. I thought we had done a pretty good job cleaning up, but I noticed the next day there was a pile of plant refuse sitting by the front door. I cleaned it up, but then noticed the pile was there again the day after that. I happened to look up and notice we had a birds nest growing on top of the light on our porch.

I was all set to have a little bit of Mother Nature in my very own yard. It’s the curse of new construction. When we first moved in, we were lucky to have ants, much less plants or animals. It took a few years, but now we get lots of feathered visitors: a pair of robins hang out in our backyard along with some blackbirds and the occasional purple martin. But – up to this point – we haven’t had any permanent guests. Daniel made a little bird feeder in Cub Scouts – peanut butter on a pinecone – and we hung it in our cherry tree in the side yard early this spring. It was a big hit. The peanut butter vanished in a couple of days.

We do have a couple of trees in the yard, but – to be honest – anything bigger than a hummingbird would probably snap off the branches. I’m not sure what kind of birds were in our nest except that they were kind of big, kind of gray and flew at my face when I got too nosy. While Mother Nature gives, she also takes away. It was a windy day (well, nothing new there; it’s always windy in Belvidere). Meka and I came home and noticed the nest had blown off the light and was just sitting on the cement, abandoned.

This just in.  I wrote this blog over the weekend, but since then I’ve noticed the birds are trying again.  This time they are building for depth; instead of being perched up on top of the light, they have their nest more wedged between the light and the brick.  Hopefully that will allow them to stick around.


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