Off Hours Fast Food

I find it ironic (and a little annoying) that it takes longer to get through McDonald’s when there are less people in line. If we go at lunch time, at the peak of the lunch rush, the bins are full of burgers. The fries are made and standing at attention in their little red boxes. You have a crew of no-nonsense senior citizens who smile, usher you through the order process and get you your food with a “have a nice day”. The entire process takes maybe twenty five seconds.

However the well oiled machine, though probably still well oiled, seems to fall apart once things calm down. Nothing is made in advance. The bins are empty. I hate to put it this way, but in the off hours you end up dealing with the “B” team. Instead of the old ladies who apparently communicate telepathically with their co-workers and save their spoken word to the customer, you get the teenagers who do just the opposite. They do nothing but talk to each other and treat the customer as an annoying interruption. If you manage to flag one down, they sullenly take your order and the entire process takes three, four or even five minutes before food is silently slopped on your tray.

Of course, if you think about it, five minutes is really not that long to get food. The further ironic (and more annoying) fact is – more often than not – the food you get in the off hours, after the wait, is not yours.


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