Definition of a Perfect Day

We had a perfect day on Memorial Day here in Belvidere.  Rain had been in the forecast.  It did pour during the night – lightning too – but by daybreak, the storms had blown through and it ended up sunny and warm with just enough wind to be refreshing.  The weather was a big part of making it the perfect day of course, in combination with the fact we have not had many perfect days in this neck of the woods.  Its rarity ensured we would have to get out of the house or feel guilty for wasting such an opportunity.

20080526154858We went out to the big park on Lincoln Avenue in downtown Belvidere.  Meka wandered along the banks of the Kishwaukee River as it winds its way through the trees.  She showed us poison ivy and wild grapes.  She identified oak trees and maples.  Soon Daniel could tell the trees apart too.

Daniel wanted to play at the playground.  I pushed him on the swings a bit before sitting beside him and doing a little swinging myself.  He had brought along a couple of cars and rolled them down the spiral slide into the mulch.  Soon he had a small band of followers helping him get the cars up and down.

As for me, I got a chance to spend time with my family.  I walked with Meka and I played with Daniel.  Most importantly, I didn’t have to think about work, deadlines, bills, or even the lawn that needed to be mowed.  For a brief (all too brief) time, I could just relax and let the world wander past as I sat on a park bench soaking up the sun, not talking, not doing, just being.


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