Keep in touch!

I looked back at my school yearbooks and that’s written more than once… usually by people that I did not do a very good job of keeping in touch with. I always thought of it as an empty phrase. It was something I wrote in other people’s yearbooks as a last resort… either that or “Have a good summer!”

Over the years, I’ve lost touch with almost every one from high school and college. However, with my twenty year high school reunion coming up in the fall, I thought I would try to reconnect. I joined Facebook and immediately was matched up against fellow alumni from the University of Illinois and Schaumburg High School. I thought it was pretty cool. I quickly fired off e-mails to everyone I recognized as a friend from days gone by. And within a week or two, I had heard back from almost everyone. We exchanged life stories; averaging about five years a page. I was surprised to find out what had happened to several of my old acquaintances in the intervening decades. It’s hard to think of them as responsible and respectable. It’s hard to even imagine some of them as adults!

One thing I noticed was the blush fell from the Facebook rose pretty quickly. Once I had caught up and reminisced with my old school chums, the e-mails pretty much dried up. There were a couple of exceptions; there was one woman I knew in college. She had been a fellow writer and one of the few people whose opinion I respected. We shot e-mails back and forth a few times and then talked on the telephone for a couple of hours one Sunday evening.

Surprisingly, we didn’t really talk that much about the past. We did cover the basics, but mostly talked about where we were in life now and how we dealt with our relatives and jobs and the little things in life. Actually it was a lot like what we talked about way back when. While we did share past experiences, we were able to build something new to continue on into the future. It got late and we said our goodbyes, promising to keep in touch.

And – this time – I think I mean it.


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