Diet and Exercise

I’ve been on Weight Watchers for a few months now and have been doing pretty well (with the exception of a short rough patch around Mother’s Day).  While a major component of the program is giving you a new way about thinking of food, there is also another piece to the weight loss puzzle: exercise!

We have an elliptical glider in our bedroom.  I work from home, talking primarily on my cell phone.  Whenever I am on hold I put on my headset and jump on the glider.  I find that it is easy to get twenty minutes a day without effort.  Sometimes I get that much on a single support call into FrontRange.

Meka and I have also been doing a lot of walking now that the weather is nice.  I can do a couple of circles around the track in the park without my knees aching.  That works out to be a couple of miles; good progress, I think.

Lately, I’ve found another exercise: swinging.  Daniel has a swing set out in the backyard.  It’s a big wooden affair with industrial grade swings (they were on sale at Menards).  I have swung on the swings before.  I have to periodically test them out before I risk my child’s safety.   However, a couple of months of diet and exercise has allowed me to sit on the swing seat without cutting off the circulation below my waist.  I get going by pumping my legs in and out.  For a more challenging workout, I lock my legs and just swing back and forth with my arms.  After a bit, I feel the burn in my shoulders and back.

Of course, if I want the ultimate workout, I just push Daniel on the swings until he gets tired of it!


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