Too Much Television

It’s official.  We watch too much television.  Actually – to be accurate – we record too much television to be viewed at a later time.  We’ve had satellite service from Dish Network since we moved to Belvidere.  It introduced us to the DVR (digital video recorder).  At first we thought it was a gimmick.  After a few weeks of pausing live television and skipping commercials, we couldn’t live without it.

We also use the DVR to record upcoming television shows.  Our current DVR can hold thirty hours of HD programming.  We fill that up with daily recordings of Sunrise Earth and the Friday night lineup of the Sci-Fi channel.  However, HD is still uncommon enough on satellite that we end up recording much more standard definition programming.  Our DVR can hold 100 hours of that.  Meka sets it to grab new episodes of Ghost Hunters.  I’ve got it set to record all episodes of Dead Like Me.  Between the two of us, I think we record pretty much everything on PBS.

Daniel is eight years old, so he’s at the peak of his technical prowess.  Lately he’s been setting the DVR to record every episode of Sponge Bob Square Pants and all airings of Tom and Jerry.  We keep getting after him about it because he fills up the DVR with cartoons, preventing us from recording more documentaries on Ovation and the Top Chef marathons.  If he wants to watch his shows, he can do it in real time.

The DVR ultimately provides us with variety.  Meka and I like to have a number of shows to choose from when we watch television.  Because even though we receive something like 6,000 channels on Dish and our dual tuner DVR is often recording two shows at once, invariably we scan the channel guide only to find there’s nothing on.


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