Two Points of View

I was walking around the park in the early evening, watching one of those dramatic sunsets.  Two large clouds flanked the setting sun.  The one above was deep purple and the one below was an electric orange.  The edges of the clouds were outlined in yellow flame.  As the sun dipped behind the the cloud in the forefront, long yellow streamers stretched across the sky.

Beautiful, I thought to myself.

The streamers splayed apart, eventually spread out at a seventy degree angle.  This is just an illusion, of course.  The rays of the sun are actually parallel.  It’s a matter of perspective.  I imagined myself zooming out from the park.  As I stood farther and farther back, higher and higher, the rays would appear to close together.  I tried to estimate how far up I would have to be to make them seem parallel and came up with at least a hundred miles.  It hammered home to me the enormity of the world and the heavens above.

Magnificent, I thought to myself.

As I turned the corner, it occurred to me I had no problem appreciating the sunset from both rational and aesthetic perspectives.  Both sides of my brain, taking the same information could come together and appreciate the same thing, but from two totally different points of view.

Cool, I thought to myself, finishing up my walk.


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