Summer Goals

The last few times I’ve attended Weight Watchers, there has been a drop in attendance.  I guess summer is one of the most challenging times of year to be on a diet… the others being winter, spring and fall.  Summer has picnics and barbecues, family reunions, vacations and other excuses to eat poorly and do no physical activity.  We were asked to come up with a list of goals for the summer; things we wanted to do by Labor Day.  This would help keep us focused in the face of temptation.  However, our leader stressed that the goals had to be realistic.  Too many people are doomed before they start.  One woman promised to ride her bike several miles every day.  When challenged on it, she had to scale it down; she hadn’t actually started riding yet.

I gave it some thought and here are my goals.  First, I want to lose ten more pounds.  I was down sixteen pounds a few weeks ago, but gained some back when I was out of town.  And while I’ve hit my ten percent goal, I will be traveling through the summer.  I think if I can lose ten pounds overall, I’ll be on the right track.

My second goal is exercise.  Exercise earns you points in Weight Watchers based on intensity and duration.  I want to get up to ten points per week by Labor Day.  Right now, I’m averaging maybe five points a week (this is up from zero points before I started).  This translates to walking about ten miles a week or working out for 45 minutes a day every other day.  Tied in with that, I want to be able to do 38 sit ups by the end of the summer.  I don’t think I had done a single sit up since high school, but always thought that – if I had to – I could whip out however many were necessary.  The first day I tried to do sit ups, I managed to wheeze out seven without pausing.  Now, I’m doing around twenty, depending on the day.  Once I’m up to 38, I’ll add an extra sit up every year.  My wife has already noticed there is a little less of me around the middle.  I figure I will look pretty good when I’m 100!


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