The Acting Scouthelper

Recently I volunteered to help out with Daniel’s Cub Scout Pack.  I don’t have enough time during the week to be a full fledged den leader, but I asked if there was anything else I could do.  Well, it turned out I could be a gorilla.

The kids all had a weekend camping trip at Rock Cut State Park, just north of Rockford.  There were a number of activities organized, including a mini-jamboree where each level did a song and a skit.  I was watching Daniel and the other Bears practice their skit – “Invisible Bench” – when the Scoutmaster came over and asked if I had any “acting experience”.  He was going to be the emcee for the night’s proceedings and wanted to start things off with a little skit he remembered from his Cub Scout days called “Pet Shop”.  The plot is as follows: a customer walks in a pet shop and buys a gorilla.  The owner says he’s a nice gorilla, but – whatever you do – don’t touch him.  Well, of course he does and all manner of chaos ensues.

I beat on my chest and roared (do gorillas roar?) and chased him around in between the other acts.  The kids laughed as we ran through their ranks.  We ended up being the hit of the night.  Some of the scouts even started to get into the act.  It was funny: some were trying to stop me from getting the Scoutmaster; others were trying to hold him down!  I ended up running close to twenty laps around the campfire before all was said and done.

Finally, at the end, I snuck up on the Scoutmaster, cornered him and touched him back.  “Tag! Now you’re it!”  Everyone laughed and I took a bow before sitting down and having my heart attack.


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