Passing Storm

As day turned to night, I was awoken from a post-work nap to distant rumbling.  Meka was standing outside on the driveway and together we watched a huge dark mass of clouds grow in the west like a bruise on the sky.  While bright tongues of lightning spat out of the top like live wires, most of the flashes were deep and diffuse.  The constant low grumbling made me think of some old cranky god. 

“Look at the color!” said Meka.

The storm was roughly circular and appeared to be ringed by a hoop of deep red.  I believe that’s “Sailor’s Delight”.  I know Meka and I enjoyed ourselves as we watched the thunderstorm slide to the north of us as the evening wore on.  The lightning would flash and lightning bugs would answer; small yellow motes floating around us in the yard.  We sat on the grass until the wind calmed down and the mosquitoes noticed our presence.

I would have posted this blog earlier, but a follow up line of storms came through about an hour later.  That one was a direct hit instead of a close call and our Internet was knocked out.


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