Travels with Daniel

We all planned to drive up to Michigan last weekend.  Meka was visiting an old friend from college and I was driving Daniel up to visit my mom.  Unfortunately, we ended up not being able to all go together.  Daniel and I took off on our own Friday afternoon.

The first challenge was actually leaving home.  I traveled so much last month; I have packing down to a science.  I brought a change of clothes and my toiletries wrapped in an old Wal Mart bag.  If I had a stick, it would have looked like I was running away from home.  Since Daniel was going to be gone a couple of weeks, his clothes warranted a suitcase.  I filled it from a quick checklist I threw together along with his toothbrush and special shampoo that doesn’t hurt his eyes.

His “non-clothes” took awhile longer to pack.  I got a laundry basket and put in a few things I promised my mom I would bring along: board games for rainy days (“just in case”) and a couple of books to read at bedtime.  I gave Daniel another old Wal Mart bag and told him to pack some toys.  I gave him half an hour, but he had it filled within ten minutes or so.  Before we left, I thought I would take a look to see what he thought he would need for the long trip:

  • 15 Hot Wheels cars.
  • 2 metal airplanes.
  • 1 lighthouse sculpture.
  • 1 watch, broken.
  • 1 Duncan Yo-Yo, unwound.
  • 1 bike license plate from California reading “DANIEL”.
  • 0 bikes.
  • 8 Happy Meal toys that have not been played with since we got them at McDonald’s.
  • 1 stuffed animal tiger I have never, ever seen before.

We had a little chat about his stash, but I was only able to convince him the license plate was unnecessary.  Everything else stayed in the bag.  We even added a few things: some paper and crayons, the Travel Bingo game and a blanket from his bed.  We threw it all in the back of the truck and we were on our way.



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