Beatles Concert

I’m a big Beatles fan.  I have all their albums and I have seen all their movies.  They were – technically – a group when I was born, but they broke up soon thereafter.  No, it wasn’t my fault.  The closest thing to a Beatles concert I’ve attended was Ringo and his All Starr Band.  It was a fun night, but lacked that Beatles level of excitement.

Back in the early 60’s, the Beatles had the biggest amplifiers available, about 150 watts of power.  My home stereo pumps out more than that.  And unlike the Beatles, my amplifier isn’t trying to compete with the noise of thousands of screaming teenagers.  Their 1965 concert at Shea Stadium was filmed for television.  55,000 fans packed the stadium and completely overwhelmed the Beatles’ music.  Some songs sounded like rounds as each Beatle was unaware they weren’t singing the same line though they were standing next to each other and even singing into the same microphone at times. 

Meka’s mom actually saw the concert at Shea Stadium when she was in high school.  We picked Daniel up from her house yesterday and I gave her a copy of the film.  While the video should feel like an old home movie, the sound may be a new experience.  Like most Beatles concertgoers I’ve met, she described Shea as the best concert she ever attended, but she had no idea what they played.  She couldn’t hear a thing.


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