Grocery Shopping

We went grocery shopping at a grocery store for the first time in probably six months.  We don’t have a walk in freezer and we don’t live on the moon.  Normally, we shop at Wal Mart, but instead we drove to a store that actually specializes in things you eat.  Also, it was a real store.  It had a finished floor and ceiling.  Wal Mart reminds me of a garage sale for food.

It was an eye-opening experience.  Did you know there are lots of different kinds of potatoes?  At Wal Mart they have two kinds: “free range” potatoes stacked in a display and ones that come in plastic bags.  Not only did they offer baked goods, but they had all sorts of prepared dinners: Greek, Mexican, Italian.  Everything was fresh.  They even had seven different kinds of salt.  Why would you need seven different kinds of salt?  I had no idea until I read the thoughtfully provided explanation of which salt went with which occasion.  While they weren’t open 24 hours and lacked a greeter, we had a young man who bagged our groceries and placed them in the shopping cart for us.

So, why do we shop at Wal Mart normally?  Rolling our stock through the parking lot, we were asking ourselves that very question.  The main reason is convenience.  We had to drive about 20 minutes to get to the grocery store while we can see the glare of the Wal Mart lights from our front yard.  Also, with Wal Mart’s uncanny ability to make everything look as unappetizing as possible, it does help keep us on the straight and narrow for Weight Watchers.


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