Staying on Track

I’ve been traveling a lot in the last couple of months, more than I have in the previous six.  Business travel – in general – stinks.  Motel rooms have uncomfortable beds.  They are too hot or too cold, and shift from one to the other with barely a flick of a switch on the window unit.  They have shower heads that – well, should be the subject of another blog.  However, the worst problem with travel is trying to stay on track with Weight Watchers.

I’m safe at home.  We’ve long since eaten all the “bad” stuff in the pantry and just never replaced it.  With gas taking up more and more of our budget, eating out has turned into a special occasion.  But when I’m on-site, the consultant coming in is a good excuse to go out to lunch.  The clients are not the biggest supporters of Weight Watchers.  One remarked I was “too skinny to be in I.T.”.  They saw it as their duty to fatten me up to guru status.  Others want to show off their town by taking me to the little place all the locals swear by.  I’ve noticed locals never swear by anything healthy.  No one has ever said their Subway makes a mean Veggie Delight.  Even when I’m alone in the hotel, the breakfast bars tend to be filled with waffles and sugary cereals, bagels and little chocolate donuts.

While I have not been perfect on my travels, I do try to count my points… or at least document what I eat so I feel bad about eating so much.  I try to practice “portion control” though half of a calzone the size of a truck tire is still probably too much.  The best thing I’ve found is attending weekly Weight Watchers meetings wherever I am.  I’ve been to meetings in Indiana and Tennessee now.  I find it motivates me.  It makes me remember why I wanted to stop eating poorly in the first place.  Also, while I can lie to my friends and family, neglect to document what I eat, I can’t hide from the weekly scale.  No matter where I am.


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