Bonding through Burger King

One of the few down sides of joining Weight Watchers has been stopping the weekly visit to Burger King with Daniel.  Meka invariably had at least one night class at Rock Valley College, so Daniel and I had to “batch it”.  While I can cook, I don’t derive any enjoyment out of doing so.  Instead, we’d jump in the car and take a trek into town.  We’d go to McDonald’s or Burger King or one of our other usual haunts.  Daniel would get a cheap plastic toy to play with, I would get my fast food fix and jot down a blog entry and – in the vernacular of my stepmother – we’d do a little “bonding”.

Since I started Weight Watchers, Burger King has been on the “not a good idea” list.  I did have one Whopper a couple of months ago, but that was it for an entire day.  Frankly, it wasn’t worth it.  Daniel and I still eat by ourselves at least once most weeks and I suppose we still bond.  I don’t think it’s been quite the same.  Bonding in the kitchen at home just doesn’t cut it.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who sensed this.  Meka wasn’t feeling well and passed on an afternoon full of errands in Rockford.  As the sun was setting, we headed back to Belvidere with the truck full of hamster paraphernalia and school supplies.  We passed the Chrysler plant and the tall sign for Burger King came into view on the left.

“Hey, Dad, why don’t we go to Burger King?” said Daniel.  “You know, for old time’s sake.”  Well, I had been good at the fair and had plenty of points left.  So, we stopped at the Home of the Whopper, Daniel got his toy and I got my fix.  I wrote this blog and Daniel and I bonded all the way through dessert.


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