Smart Car Sighting

Daniel and I were eating dinner together at a place in downtown Belvidere.  Suddenly Daniel popped out of his chair and ran to the front window of the restaurant.

“Look, Dad!” he shouted.  “It’s a Smart Car!”  Sure enough, a little car about half the size of my Corolla was tooling down State Street.  I’ve seen a couple of them since gas rose about the $3.75 mark.  There was one in Rockford and couple in the suburbs.  I even saw two ForTwos racing down the tollway.  This was the first one I’ve seen in Belvidere though.

“We need to get a Smart Car,” said Daniel.  I shook my head.  They only had two seats.

“You’d have to walk,” I explained.  “Or maybe you could just push Mommy and me…”  Daniel zapped me with his eye lasers (he takes after Meka).  He still wanted one.  I explained while they got great gas mileage, they only ran on premium gas which is more expensive.  Daniel didn’t change his mind.  He sighed and looked out past the window wistfully.  I finally asked him why he wanted one so badly.

“Because I can drive it,” he replied.  “I’m tall enough to drive them at the race track!”  I didn’t have the heart to tell him that Smart Cars and Go Karts are two different things.

“Well, maybe for your birthday,” I said.  I just didn’t mention which one.


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