Rediscovering the Colonel

I don’t eat at Kentucky Fried Chicken all that often.  I think the last time before last week was in 1982.  We have one of those combination stores in Belvidere.  It’s a KFC combined with a Long John Silver’s (another place I don’t eat at very often).  Daniel wondered whether there were other places that were combinations.  I mentioned I had seen a Taco Bell and a Pizza Hut combination.

“How about a McDonald’s and a Burger King?” he laughed.  “Then they would just have the same thing – burgers!”  Well, Long John Silver’s did offer chicken on the menu, I can’t imagine too many people order the smooth yellow slab when you have the Colonel’s Own Recipe sitting right beside it.  That’s one positive aspect of Kentucky Fried Chicken; even though it is obviously fast food, there is a slight degree of randomness to the sizes and shapes of the chicken pieces.  They almost look like real food.

The last time I ate at KFC, they were housed in a red and white Fotomat-style building.  This one was definitely more upscale.  They had seats and tables.  We got our food on plastic plates rather than in a bucket.  I asked for a “spork” and the girl taking our order looked at me funny before pointing at the piles of actual separate plastic implements by the drink station.  The food was different too.  I had some boneless chicken strips.  They were good, but a bit tangier than I recall; maybe 12 or 13 herbs and spices nowadays.  The dinner rolls were replaced by biscuits; not bad.  The corn had been “super sized”.  It used to be half a cob.  Now it was a full piece of corn… on a stick no less to make it easier to hold.  Of course, it might have been a leftover from the Boone County Fair.  I’ll have to try it again a little later on.  However, despite all the differences, I can say the mashed potatoes have not changed a bit. 

We enjoyed our meal together.  Daniel even had a second biscuit for dessert.  I’m sure that we will visit again… sometime in the next quarter century.


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