You May Already Be a Winner

It had to happen sooner or later.  After eating a total of 320 miles of sandwiches, six inches at a time, we finally came up winners at Subway.  Daniel and I stopped by for dinner after his football practice.  We each ordered a six inch sub and a drink.  That meant two tries apiece at their Scrabble sweepstakes game.  Unfortunately, none of them were winners.  Daniel was disappointed, of course, but we managed to enjoy our sandwiches anyway.

Daniel was still hungry and – despite my inner Weight Watchers voice saying “don’t do it” – I decided to order a foot long special to share.  We split a chicken breast sandwich: cheese and lettuce on Italian bread.  They were out of wheat.  I let Daniel peel off the ticket from the wrapper and he gave a shout (mercifully he didn’t throw his drink like they do in the commercials).

We were the proud winners of a 21 ounce soft drink.

To Daniel, this was just the beginning.  He had plans to win the Toyota Highlander hybrid.  It was the grand prize, I believe.  He wanted us to save it for him to drive when he turns sixteen.  He figured not only would be win all the prizes in the Subway game, but then they would let us have whatever we wanted once they ran out of giveaways.  Daniel’s mind boggled at the possibilities.  I reminded him to chew his sandwich with his mouth closed.  In the end, he boiled down his list to “three wishes”.  He wanted a Lamborghini (can’t argue with that one).  He wanted to live in a castle.  And his third wish was to get another 21 ounce soft drink.

“Then, the next time we come in, we can both have drinks!” he explained.


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