Go – Whatever Your Name Is!

Daniel started his flag football season this week.  It’s always hard to say this early in the season, but I think they have a pretty good team shaping up.  Their practice field is Aberdeen Park, about as far away as you can get from our house and still be in Belvidere.  It took us half an hour to drive up there.  We parked in the sunshine and pouring rain.  There was one cloud in the sky and it was directly above us.  But the team was tough.  They ran drills in the rain.  The parents were tough too.  We all stood out there on the sidelines and got soaked.

The first practice was all about “fundamentals”.  However, I noticed there were more fundamentals to cover than last year.  For the younger players, it’s more about lining up in a row and someone running with the ball towards the proper end zone.  This year is all about style.  They practiced three point stances.  The coaches pushed on their shoulders to make sure they were braced correctly (the ones who weren’t fell on their butts).  They practiced running; lifting their legs high and pumping their arms.  They ran, they passed, they practiced zone defense where three kids would try at different places in the field to rip the flag off an opponent’s belt.

I wanted to cheer them on, but it was the first practice.  I don’t know any of the kids’ names except my own.  I couldn’t even do the generic cheer for the team because they don’t have a team name yet.  The t-shirt “uniforms” will be gray, so I heard some arguments on the sidelines in between the drills.  Some wanted to be the Raiders, others wanted to be the Eagles.  There were of course votes for the Bears and the Packers –


That was my son.

And there were some votes for non-NFL team names.  I heard the Bulldogs and the Monsters.  I cringed a little at some kid’s suggestion they should call themselves the Serial Killers.  However, like I said, these kids are tough!  I look forward to watching the games, but I’m not sure if I look forward to cheering them on.


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