Thoughts on the Takeover of AIG

You might have heard we have a bit of a health care crisis here in the United States.  It’s not that our health care sucks per se (though there are aspects of it that – well, do suck), but just the whole system seems not to work very well.  Insurance is expensive.  A lot of companies don’t offer it to their employees, or – if they do – their employees can’t afford to pay for it along with other expenses (like food).  Those who do have insurance – like me – seem to pay more and more every year and get less and less for their money.

My employer began offering a package a couple of years called “supplemental insurance”.  I pay into the system and get reimbursed for health care related expenses my primary insurance doesn’t cover.  The advantage is money I pay in doesn’t get taxed, so I actually get more for my money than if I had just bypassed the supplemental policy and paid my expenses directly.  There are other supplemental programs as well.  My employer offers dental and vision (which my primary doesn’t cover at all) and various levels of disability and payment for things like dismemberment.  It may not be “an eye for an eye”, but you can convert that missing eyeball into cold hard cash

Last week the government essentially bought out AIG, one of the largest insurance companies in the world.  I have to admit, I have long since stopped being surprised by anything the Bush Administration does.  However, after some thought, this might be a good idea.  We have a lot of people who don’t have health care coverage in the country and we have a lot of people who need more.  It would seem to me since all of us taxpayers essentially own AIG now, we should be able to get in on the supplemental insurance policies AIG offers.  There are about 300 million people in the United States; talk about a group rate discount!


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