Bringing the Hotel Home

I stayed at a pretty nice hotel the last time I was in Indiana.  I got a good deal on the Internet; it was a level up from the type of places I normally stay at.  I have to admit the bed was pretty nice; the coverings were comfortable and the room décor was pleasant.  However, I was still surprised when – as I was packing up to go – I found I could order hotel supplies from their website.  I could buy my own sheets, pillows and towels.  I could pick up a lap desk, even an official hotel clock radio.

When I called the hotel “pretty nice”, that was in comparison to other hotels.  The sheets weren’t made of sandpaper, the blankets weren’t see-through.  I didn’t have to stack every pillow together to make something roughly half as thick as a normal pillow.  I liked the towels because they seemed to absorb some water off my body when I stepped out of the shower, as opposed to the normal hotel towels which just tend to move the droplets around.

However, I had absolutely no desire to live more than a handful of nights in my paisley and mauve cell.  The products online cost way too much for what they were.  Even if I did want to appoint my home with reminders of when I’m not home, I wouldn’t have bought copies of the stuff on the Internet.  My house is full of stories.  We can tell you about our television and our towels, my old rocking chair and the couches we’re still paying off.  It’s all personalized in some way.  No, if I had wanted some memento of the hotel, I would have acquired it the old-fashioned way: good old honest theft.


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