New Playground

Daniel and I went out to the park to throw the football around a bit.  It was in the mid 60’s and sunny.  We won’t get too many more days like this, so it’s best to take advantage of them as much as possible.  After kicking the ball about 475 times (Daniel does get tired… eventually), we gravitated towards the new playground over by the baseball diamonds. 

Like many new playgrounds, it’s very brightly colored and looks like it was designed by Dr. Seuss.  This one is primarily red with big blue beads attached to random tubes and poles.  Many random colorful items are attached by thick black nylon ropes.  They look like they’re caught in an immense spider web.  The whole look could be described as whimsical.  Unfortunately, like most things that can be described as whimsical, it’s not very practical as an actual playground. 

I watched the kids underwhelmed when jumping on the lily pad looking bumpers set into the ground.  Others tried swinging on the plastic pieces tied down by ropes.  They were tied down pretty tightly; they didn’t swing much from vertical.  Two little girls did like the tall blue metal poles and they hung and spun around them again and again, apparently playing “stripper”.  Daniel tried climbing along the outside of the hoops holding the spider web mesh together.  I didn’t worry about him falling; the playground contains no ground, but rather six inches of Nerf colored alternating red and green.  There is a single slide at the playground and several kids argued over who was going to be in charge of it.

In the end, the kids did find a way to enjoy themselves at the new playground.  They gave up on the equipment and played tag all around it instead.  The red Nerf was “hot lava” (of course) and off limits.  The spider web ropes were “goal”.  Daniel must have had a pretty good time.  He fell asleep at his actual bedtime without any argument.


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