The Parable of Daffy Duck

There we were at lunch at Tom and Jerry’s.  It was cold and raining.  Daniel was trying to stretch out eating his hot dog into a second hour.  I pulled my pen from my pocket and wrote him a memo.  We often write each other memos when we do lunch together.

To: Daniel

From: Dad

You are silly.

I handed it to Daniel.  He read it and glared at me.  His eyes squinted up and his nose wrinkled at the base.  Daniel grabbed my pen and made a correction.

To: Daniel Dad

From: Dad Daniel

You are silly.

This – of course – prompted me to correct the correction.  I passed it back to Daniel.  He re-re-corrected it.  We went back and forth until the To’s and From’s stretched across the page.  That gave me an idea.  I wrote a new memo below.

To: Dad

From: Daniel

I am silly.

I passed it back to Daniel and he laughed and added a new memo of his own.

To: Dad

From: Daniel

That’s right!!!

Game.  “Daniel,” I said, “do you remember the Looney Tunes when Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck are arguing about ‘Rabbit Season’ and ‘Duck Season’?”  Daniel nodded, not sure where I was going with this.

Set.  “Daffy’s pretty silly, isn’t he?”  I said, “He doesn’t catch it when Bugs turns things around on him.”  Daniel looked at me for a moment and I could see him putting two and two together.  He got two points taken off his homework last week because he didn’t read the directions all the way through.

Match.  “Hey!” he cried, taking the memo page back.  “Let me see that again!”  I got a full onslaught of eye lasers and even a little clenched fist waving in my general direction.  I laughed and wrote him one last memo.

To: Daniel

From: Dad

Duck season.  Fire.


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