The Real Deal

We were coming back to Belvidere when Daniel decided he wanted Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner.  We don’t go there very often.  I asked him why he suddenly wanted to try it.

“Because it’s authentic,” he replied.

Daniel had heard the story of the “Original Recipe” on a show for the Food Network.  “There really was a Colonel Sanders and he really made chicken in Kentucky,” Daniel explained.  I knew he made chicken there.  I’ve seen the original restaurant he owned in Harlan.  As for being a real Colonel… well, I let that one slide.

“And his recipe is still used today,” said Daniel.  “It’s the ‘Original Recipe’ from Kentucky.”  That was good enough for me.  We pulled into the lot, parked the truck and went inside.  Daniel stopped just short of the counter and listened intently to the country music playing on the sound system in the dining room.  He looked at me and smiled.

“It is authentic!” he said.  “Even the music is from Kentucky!”


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