Putting the Asterisk in Fun

Halloween is just a week away.  We got a newsletter from the school the other day explaining how much fun Daniel will have showing off his costume at the Halloween celebration at school… then proceeded to explain all the restrictions on said costume.

It can’t be something that needs to be worn all day.  The child must be able to get into it quickly and it should cover their existing clothes, rather than substitute for their clothes.  It can’t include makeup.  It can’t be violent.  No fake guns, no fake knives.  They do plan to have a parade on Halloween to show off what costumes are left.  Technically, the public is invited, but in a strictly controlled space for a fifteen minute window (subject to change).  In fact, the parade may never actually get outside. 

Halloween used to be a kids holiday.  I remember pushing the envelope on creativity and being spurred on by my family and friends.  My next door neighbor was a pretty realistic ninja, complete with sword.  That wouldn’t go over too well these days.  I played around with latex appliances a couple of times.  I went as a “visitor” (from the V television miniseries) where part of my face was torn away and green lizard skin was showing underneath.  Even if you don’t want to be something scary, there have to be a lot of disappointed princesses and kitty cats that won’t be showing their faces at school at all.

On the other hand, I think it should be considered a “victory” for the kids that they will be doing anything at all on Halloween.  It wasn’t too many years ago when Belvidere used to celebrate Halloween on some other day besides October 31st.


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