Going 0 – 3 at Church

I decided we should go to church last Sunday and actually see the service.  Normally I’m down in the basement, teaching Sunday School for the fourth and fifth graders.  On my Sundays off, I tend to sleep in… usually as a result of something going on Saturday night that caused me to reschedule my Sunday morning in the first place.

I was motivated to go this weekend, however.  We had passed out orange UNICEF boxes the previous Sunday in class and practiced “trick or treating for UNICEF” at all the other class doors.  Daniel probably had fifty or sixty cents in there; not a bad haul a penny at a time.  The eighth graders were doing a project for the church, asking families questions on various subjects.  The teacher in that class also drives Daniel’s school bus during the week.  She had made a point asking me to come by and give my thoughts.  Fine.  We have a new senior minister at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Rockford.  He’s been there since the end of August, but I had yet to see him in person.  I do get copies of his sermons on CD, but it’s just not the same. 

So, I set the alarm and we got up on time.  I got Daniel up and showered and into nice clothes.  We even had a few minutes to eat a quick breakfast before jumping in the car.  About twenty minutes into our half hour trip to Rockford, it dawned on me the UNICEF box was still sitting on the kitchen counter.  It was too late to turn around, but I still had two goals to accomplish. 

It was a “family Sunday” where the kids start upstairs with the parents.  To us, it was like old times.  I looked at the order of the service and laughed.  It was a “lay Sunday”; Matthew got to have the day off as the congregation put together the show instead.  Well, it turned out to be a good time anyway.  It featured essays from Mark Twain on the subject of religion.  The children’s story was the parable of Tom Sawyer getting his friends to whitewash the fence.  She changed the ending a bit (from what I remember) to try to give it a positive moralistic spin.  She needn’t have bothered.  Later, Daniel told me he thought Tom Sawyer was “kind of mean to his friends and shouldn’t have taken all their stuff”. 

After the service was a potluck.  We didn’t plan to go (Weight Watchers and church cooking don’t mix).  Meka and I grabbed Daniel out of the art room and headed to the eighth grade class.  It was dark and empty.  We walked around for a few minutes and finally found the aide.

“Oh, they decided it would be better to interview everyone upstairs while they were eating,” she said.  Meka just shook her head.  We walked out to the car and while I hadn’t actually accomplished anything I wanted to do at church on Sunday, I was glad we had gone.  I guess it just means we might have to go again sometime soon.


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