A Brief Era of Good Feelings

It was right after church.  I stopped at Office Depot to pick up some paper and generally look around.  I was gazing longingly at the laser printers when a young woman interrupted my train of thought.

“Excuse me,” she started.  “Do you know where they have portable hard drives?”  As a matter of fact, I did know.  I had purchased one there for work not too long ago.  It was on the other side of the aisle where I was, so I walked over and showed her the collection.  There were probably thirty or so to choose from in various shapes and sizes.

“There’s so many of them,” she said.  “Do you recommend one?”  I thought a moment.

“Well, what are you going to use it for?”  I asked.  “Do you just need it to back up pictures and music, that sort of thing?”  She nodded.  “How old is your computer?”

“Two years old.”  She added, “We just got a new camera.”

I looked at the boxes.  “I take a lot of pictures and I have a lot of music.  I have it all backed up on a 320 gigabyte hard drive.  However, a 500 gigabyte is only ten bucks more.  That should give you plenty of room.”  She smiled and picked up a blue box from the shelf.

“Thanks, you’ve been a big help,” she said.  “Are you on commission?”

I laughed, “I suppose I should be!  It looks like I’ve made a sale for them!”  Her expression suddenly changed.

“I thought you worked here,” she said.  I looked down.  I was wearing my winter coat, jeans and sneakers… and no nametag for Office Depot.  The woman turned around in a huff and walked out of the store.  She didn’t even buy the drive.  I sighed and walked over to buy my notebooks.  Like I said, this happened right after I got out of church; while still basking in the warm afterglow of the seven principles and quite ready to devote my life to helping others.  Something like this could only happen then because it’s usually someone like that who comes along and kills off that good feeling for me for rest of the week.


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