My Impressions of Expression

Normally, I teach Sunday School every other weekend.  However, I taught two weeks in a row in November.  It worked out for the best that way.  The first class we learned about “reflection” and the next we covered “expression”.  We finished up Children’s Chapel and sat on the floor in our classroom.  We went around the group and talked about all the ways we express ourselves.  It didn’t start out well; someone said talking and left it at that.  But then someone mentioned playing an instrument.  Another said she expresses herself through Irish dance.

“We’re doing the Nutcracker,” she said.  “It’s an expression of Christmas.”  I nodded while trying to imagine how a Russian ballet was being translated into Irish dance.  One girl couldn’t think of anything.  Art?  She didn’t think she drew very well.  I suggested writing.

“I think it’s a waste of time,” she replied.  I think I broke into a rash at that, but my gentle smile didn’t crack.  A couple of the other kids sat up straight, but I motioned them to stay calm.

I asked, “Do you like to read?”  She nodded.  “Well, they’re two sides of the same coin.  Someone may express themselves by writing and you get the benefit.”  One of the disadvantages of teaching older kids is I don’t get the “lesson learned” look as often as I did when I worked with the five and six year olds.  But I watched her expression change as she worked it out in her head.

Lesson learned.

I was going to build on that success when one of the kids looked up towards the windows in the back of the room and stood up suddenly.

“Snow!” he shouted.  All the kids got up to take a look.  I closed my official teaching binder as I knew the class was over.  It didn’t matter what I pulled from the “Toolbox of our Faith”, nothing was going to compete with Mother Nature’s expression of winter as the first snowflakes of the season drifted down from the sky.


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