Catch 22.0

I was in the middle of posting a blog earlier this week and Internet Explorer decided to freeze up on me.  Sadly, this isn’t a new (or even a novel) occurrence.  I let my computer sit for a few minutes to catch its breath, let the hard drive percolate a bit.  No joy.  I manually ended the task and even rebooted my computer.  Same problem; it looked like Internet Explorer had decided to join the Norwegian Blue.

After half a dozen tries, I finally relented and let the computer report the issue to Microsoft.  I figured they wrote the darn thing, they should share my pain.  I always assumed the button to send something to Microsoft pushed my personal data into Bill Gates’ circular file.  To my surprise, the error came up with a possible fix.  That hardly ever happens to me.  I launched my alternate web browser to take a look at what it reported.  According to Microsoft support, my problem was caused by Windows (helpfully it mentioned Windows was created by the Microsoft Corporation).  There was no solution for the problem, but it mentioned I might be missing some updates that could help improve my stability.

ms ie error 1

Windows updates come out all the time, so it was altogether possible I was missing one or seven.  I clicked Windows Update (printed in large friendly letters).  Firefox thought about it for a bit and then I got another message from Microsoft.  It thanked me for my interest in Windows Updates, but if I was serious about downloading them, I needed to run – you guessed it – Internet Explorer.

ms ie error 2


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