The Grand Scale of Cars

Daniel and I were finishing up lunch at KFC.  Sometimes, at times like these, I’ll pull out a pen and paper and we’ll send memos back and forth to each other.  Other times, Daniel will whip out a couple of Hot Wheels cars from his pockets and we’ll push them back and forth on the table.  This time, we combined the two and passed the paper back and forth, drawing cars.

We started out with the standard, vaguely Beetle-looking styles before progressing to box trucks.  They held various items, according to the panels on the sides: MILK, TOOLS, TUNA FISH.  Daniel switched to race cars.  His ultimate car had more pipes sticking out of it than the Chrysler factory down the street.  I drew a couple of Richard Scarry inspired cars: one that looked like a hot dog and another that I called the Diet Pepsi mobile.  Daniel responded with the dog food car, a lumpy nugget on wheels.

Finally, I drew a single spot on the page.  Daniel peered down at it.  “What’s that?”

“The biggest car in the world,” I replied.  He laughed.

“It’s just a dot.”  I drew another dot.

“You know what that is?” I asked, pointing at it.  He shook his head.  “The Earth,” I said.  He laughed and drew his own pair of dots.

“That’s the smallest car in the world,” he said, “and there’s the germ that owns it.”  We both laughed and ended up filling the page with dots, some were bigger than Jupiter and some were as small as molecules.



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