A Dicey Slice of Pizza

When it comes to pie-cut pizza, I have to admit I’m a bit of a latecomer.  I grew up in Chicagoland.  Our regular pizza – otherwise known as “deep dish” – was pie-cut because it actually was a pie that happened to be filled with tomatoes, cheese and garlic rather than apples or lemon meringue.  However, when we ordered thin crust pizza when I was in school, it inevitably was served cut up in little squares.  It wasn’t until I was in college that I saw thin crust pizza cut up in long triangular wedges.  I’m big enough to admit I thought it was a better idea than the squares.  I was always an “edge” man anyway; this gave me a much larger slice with a convenient edge to hang onto.

Daniel and I stopped in our local Rosati’s for a pizza a couple of weeks ago after getting our hair cut.  I ordered us a cheese and sausage on double-dough, a puffier crust but still cooked flat rather than in a pan.

“Don’t forget to make it pie-cut,” added Daniel to the waiter.  Unfortunately, they did forget to cut the pizza in triangles and we had a grid pizza instead.  While I like the edges best, I am flexible enough to eat the central pieces that are completely covered in cheese.  Rosati’s – being an actual restaurant – helpfully provided us with silverware and I didn’t sully my hands.  Daniel was not too happy.  Like his father, he likes the edges.  I didn’t think it matters; Daniel tends to be smeared with cheese and tomato sauce when he’s done eating pizza, edge or not.

In the end, he liked the pizza cut into squares.  “I’ve never eaten so many slices in my life!” he declared.  While the total square footage doesn’t change, each “slice” is only a couple of inches across.  Daniel felt grown up that he could pack away a dozen slices and come back for more when he can usually only eat two slices of the pie cut pizza.  My favorites were always the tiny corner pieces.  Daniel and I split them, two each.  One of mine was not much bigger than my thumbnail, but I count it as a slice anyway.  I have to admit, being on Weight Watchers, it was kind of refreshing to be able to have fourteen slices of pizza at one sitting and still be in under my total points for the day.  We may have to get it cut that way again.


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