Wrapping Up the Year

I woke up okay on the last morning of the year.  This wasn’t a guarantee.  I had my last late night of 2008 the night before.  I made my final trek to my office and logged into work for the last time.  Work was slow, as if it didn’t want to wrap up for the year.  I finally finished around 5:15.  I made my last calls and had my last chat with a friend.

My last meal of 2008 was leftovers from Christmas Eve, probably the last of the crown roast.  It tasted almost as good the last time as the first.  After dinner, Daniel played the Wii for the last time in 2008.  He was mad I made him stop; he wanted to make up for the 51 other weeks of the year when he didn’t have one.  We watched the ball in New York City drop for what we thought would be the last time at 11:00.  That turned out to be incorrect on our part; the networks were too cheap to station someone in the Midwest so they just replayed the New York celebration at midnight our time.

I had drunk the last Diet Pepsi in the house, so I made my last run for the year to our local gas station on the corner.  I got my last refill and decided to pick up an Alligator Ice for Daniel so he could celebrate the New Year with the taste of crushed cherry popsicles.  I arrived home in the final minutes of the year and found Daniel sucking down the last Orange Crush.  Ice drinks don’t do well in the refrigerator, so I decided to end 2008 by drinking my first Slurpee of the year.  That turned out to be a mistake.  As the final minute counted down, I had tears in my eyes from the massive cold-induced sinus headache; my first brain freeze of the year lasted well into 2009.


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