Game Play

One of the games Daniel got for the Wii is a Star Wars game.  You get to be a Jedi, whacking people with light sabers.  The coolest thing is that it came with light sabers; long tubes that attach to the Wii controllers, colored red and blue.  Daniel has a friend who is a big Star Wars fan.  He came over to spend the night and – of course – play the game.  They put in the disc and played for a bit, but it wasn’t as good as they hoped.  The control was not exactly the same as swinging a sword.  It kept throwing them off.  Daniel got mad because not only did his guy get killed repeatedly, but the evil Jedi would get downright insulting as he gloated over his victory!

2009_0103_112014We shut the Wii off for the night and they went to bed sometime north of midnight.  We could hear them in his room, talking about Star Wars and playing the movie music on Daniel’s CD player.  Meka and I got up the next morning and the music was still playing and I could swear I heard dialogue coming from behind the door.  I peeked my head inside.  Daniel and his friend were standing on his bed, light saber controllers in hand.

“Wait for it,” his friend said.

I recognized the music from the first episode when Qui Gon and Obi Wan are taking on Darth Maul.  As the music hit the crescendo, Daniel and his friend went at it; light sabers streaking through the dim room.  They jumped, they dodged, they had witty repartees.  If they had started levitating objects and throwing them at each other, I wouldn’t have been surprised.  Normally we’re not too wild about Daniel jumping on his bed, but we let it slide this time.  The light saber game was kind of expensive and we were glad he was getting some enjoyment out of it.


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