In Sick

There are a lot of advantages to working from home, but there are times when it would be better if I had someplace else to go.  It’s desert dry in the house in the winter.  Meka gets nosebleeds and I sound like I’ve been smoking menthols since the Johnson Administration.  Over the weekend, the normal dryness in my throat began to feel scratchy.  By Monday it felt like I was swallowing shards of broken glass.  It was a virus of some kind and I felt terrible.

It hurt to move (and not to move, come to think of it).  My joints ached.  My teeth ached.  Someone seemed to have turned up the gravitational pull.  Looking at the LCD monitor on my desk made my eyes burn.  My typing speed was down; the DayQuil monkey on my back was playing havoc with my fine motor functions.  I had to keep stopping to blow my nose (sop up the leak would be more accurate).

If I worked in the office, I would not have been able to huddle in my chair wrapped up in a comforter.  If I had a cubicle, I would not have been free to spend my lunch hour in a hot shower.  If I had somewhere to go, I would have called in sick.  Unfortunately, the closest phone is in my office.  It’s against the far wall.  I’d have to pass my computer and chair to get to it.  So, it ended up just being easier to suck it up and get to work.  My co-workers around the country found I was still available on our instant messaging system and our anti-virus system apparently protected my customers from the cold viruses as easily as the computer kind.


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  1. Well, this explains why I haven’t heard from you. I ended up with a virus — probably from Joe’s brother Gerry and his wife, by way of his brother Louie who caught it from them at Christmas. Anyway, I am surviving and getting better. My wish for your speedy recovery — soup with a clear broth (beef barley, chicken noodle, etc.) really does work. Love, Mom.

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