Staying Warm

It was sunny Friday morning, but even the bright light seemed cold.  Every time I came downstairs to the kitchen, I had to stop and check the outdoor thermometer.  It was like watching a traffic accident; you couldn’t look away, no matter how much you wanted to.  When I woke up, the reading was -22 (-30 C).

Daniel didn’t have school.  He slept in and I noticed he didn’t whine too much when I told him to wear a long sleeved shirt.  It was noticeably chilly in the house.  The heat stayed on most of the day, but it didn’t get much about 65, even downstairs.  Our bedroom floor which is over the garage was even colder.  I didn’t tarry in the bathroom when I took my shower.

The warmest place in the house was my office.  It’s the smallest bedroom and it has southeast exposure.  With three computers running simultaneously, their fans blowing hot air out like hair dryers, I was pretty comfortable.  However, even I kept my sweatshirt on.  Meka got home early after her classes were cut short due to the weather.  She spent the afternoon in bed, thawing out under the covers.

We were all getting a little stir crazy by dinner time, so we decided to go out to eat.  I bundled up in my big poofy parka with its wraparound hood that covers my face except for my eyes.  I think of as my “man burqa“.  I bought myself a great pair of gloves for Christmas.  They are knit with leather palms and are long enough to stretch past my wristwatch.  I added my gigantic snow boots and then I was set for our EVA.

We didn’t go very far.  We asked for and received a gift card this Christmas for Applebee’s.  We chose that specifically because it is literally across the street from our subdivision and a good destination on nights like these.  We parked close to the door and hurried inside.  We ate, drank and were generally merry.  We sat away from the windows and the doors, so – for an hour or so – we were able to forget how cold it was.


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