A MySpace Mystery

Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed something odd about MySpace.  I was wondering if anyone else noticed it too.  When I log in, invariably I am told I have new messages awaiting me.  I am not blasé when it comes to getting messages from my friends.  Each note is like an unopened package on Christmas morning; just chock full of potential.  You can imagine my bitter disappointment when I check and there’s nothing there.

Maybe there was an issue with things on my end?  I purged my cached web pages and reloaded everything.  I could see that I had new blogs.  I could see updates of my friends.  And I could see that I had new messages… but not the messages themselves.  This “prank calling” continued for a couple of weeks before I finally managed to catch it in the act.  I was logged into my account and jumped back to my home page for a moment.  There it was: NEW MESSAGES!  I quickly jumped to my inbox and there was a message from one of the Spam People.  I think it had a catchy reference line, “Hey” or something similar.  I clicked onto the message and there was no body.  I clicked onto their picture icon and was told the profile no longer existed.  When I came back to my inbox, the message was gone.

I like to think MySpace has taken my concerns about Spam People seriously and has come up with a way to prevent them from overwhelming the system.  However, I am a bit unnerved by the fact that everything related to the account vanishes as well.  I was always under the impression that when you send a message out, there’s no way to reel it back in (no matter how much you wish you could sometimes).  And while I may not like Spam People and the Spam they send, I’m not sure I like the idea that – at a whim – someone can erase them, their comments, their messages, as if they never existed.  It’s way too reminiscent of the Soviet Union for my tastes, especially if it spreads from the Spam People into those of us who happen to be real.


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