Term Limits

“Can anyone be president?” asked Daniel.  We were watching some of the political coverage on television together last week.  I thought it was important for him to see some of it.

“Pretty much anyone who was born in the United States,” I said, “and you have to be at least thirty-five years old.”

“What if you’re a girl?” he asked.

“Well, a girl ran for president this time and she almost won,” I explained.  “And another girl almost became our vice president.”  Daniel mulled this over for a bit.

“What happens if you don’t win?” he asked.

“It depends,” I said.  “Some retire, some have jobs to go back to and some run for president again.”

“But then they would be thirty-nine,” said Daniel.  “And if they lose again, they will be forty-three, then forty-seven, then -”  I cut him off; I got the idea.  We watched a bit more in silence on the couch in the family room.

“They should make it so the president is only elected for one minute,” Daniel said finally.

“You wouldn’t be able to do much in a minute,” I said.  “Even as president.”

“But then everyone could be president!”  Daniel said, “Even the losers!”


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