Upper Class / Lower Expectations

I had to travel to Indianapolis this week, so I took a chance with the Priceline site to get a better class of hotel.  I did pretty well last time; I got a room at the Hamilton Inn for what I would have paid for a room at a Microtel.  This time, I was pleased to see I got a room at a Hilton.  It was considered a three and a half star hotel.  I was paying (or rather my client was paying) Red Roof prices for it.

I checked in and was impressed with the size of the hotel and the amenities it offered.  The elevators featured posters of the meals available in the large restaurant on the ground floor.  There was a big business area and several conference rooms.  I got up to the third floor and checked out my room.  The bed was soft and the room was clean.  However, I found it rather basic and lacking some of the things I’m used to.

For example, I like having a microwave in the room.  At the very least, most of the places I stay in have mini refrigerators.  I carry packages of microwave popcorn and bottles of Diet Pepsi in my suitcase.  I was out of luck on the popcorn side.  Cold pop was available via room service… for $2.50 a bottle (plus a $2 delivery charge).  I found the ice down at the end of the hall.

Ironically, it’s the very amenities the Hilton prides itself on that limit the amenities I would rather have.  I suppose those who can afford to stay at the Hilton without resorting to Priceline wouldn’t balk at a $15 breakfast.  However, my lower class tastes fall more to the free breakfast offerings; toast, juice and those Styrofoam cups of waffle mix.


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