Say it with Balloons

The snow was coming down pretty hard.  Daniel and I slipped and slid our way to the parking lot at Wal Mart to get flowers for Valentines Day.  This was Daniel’s epiphany.  He thought flowers would make a perfect gift for Meka on Valentines Day.  He was so excited about it; he told me we had to do it at once.  It was Christmas at the time and I had to explain flowers wouldn’t last that long.  We walked in the store and Daniel changed his mind.

“You know, I think Mom would like a balloon instead,” said Daniel.  They had giant Mylar balloons arranged on the end cap of every aisle in the store.  Balloons to Daniel are what crack is to an addict.  I pulled him away from helium filled temptation and made him focus on looking through the selection of flowers while I found a card.  Daniel filled the cart with about eight dozen roses.  I gently explained that love is more about quality than quantity.  We picked out some carnations colored red and white, a trio of pink tulips and a single red rose.

“I think a balloon would look good on top,” suggested Daniel.  The one he had his eye on was slightly smaller than the Good Year blimp.  I shook my head and we made our way through the store, checking off cereal and eggs and Diet Pepsi from our list.  I also needed toothpaste.  That was on the other side of the store.  We passed the checkout aisles and Daniel heaved a little tortured sigh as we walked past balloon after balloon after balloon.

Finally, as we waited in line (it was midnight by now, but we still had to wait in line) I relented and asked Daniel which balloon he liked.  He picked out an enormous red heart.  We checked out and put the bags in the cart.  I had Daniel hold the balloon and the flowers.  We drove home and I told him to hand the flowers to Meka.

“What about the balloon?” he asked.

“You can take that upstairs to your room,” I said.  “That’s your Valentines Day present.”


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