Cheap Shots at Burger King

Daniel and I went out to lunch together.  He had the day off and had been good while I worked from home.  We drove over to Burger King where I was intrigued by the marquee under the logo sign: BURGER SHOTS. Without any frame of reference, I wasn’t quite sure how to take that.  My first thought was some kind of liquefied burger that was injected directly into the bloodstream.  That was silly, of course.  My second thought was some kind of liquefied burger that came in a small glass.  I didn’t have a third thought.

It turned out Burger Shots are small hamburgers, smaller than the regular hamburgers at Burger King.  I had a flashback to high school.  We sold a similar product when I was on the other side of the counter.  Back then we called them “Burger Bundles”, which was almost as stupid of a name as Burger Shots.  Back in the Reagan Administration, there were three small burgers on a little tray that were all wrapped as a group.  I think it was an attempt to co-opt White Castle.  It was a disaster.  The burger patties were very small.  As they cooked, they shrank down even smaller and a lot of them would fall between the steel grill bars and into the flames (of flame broiling fame).  The surviving bundles would be placed on a little cardboard rack and stuck in the steamer with all the other types of burgers.  However, the steam would turn the cardboard trays to goo after half an hour.  Burger Bundles died a quiet death.

The new Burger Shots are a little bit bigger than the bundles were.  You get two instead of three in a value meal.  Altogether they’re probably close to a regular hamburger, maybe a little bit bigger.  The buns look like dinner rolls.  They’re smooth and square and don’t have sesame seeds like the rest of the Whopper clan.  I split a six pack with my son (“six pack”, “shots”; I’m sensing a trend here).  They came in a long and low cardboard box.  I haven’t seen that kind of packaging at Burger King in a long time.

Burger ShotsThey weren’t anything special, though I think they might serve a purpose for people like me.  A regular Whopper is something like fifteen points on Weight Watchers (depending on what you get on it).  A regular hamburger is close to ten.  Perhaps if someone is in the need for flame broiled goodness, splitting a two-pack of Burger Shots would give just enough taste without blowing a day’s worth of points.



  1. I tried these shots – don’t think I will again. Still like the whopper better but I also thought of white castle (can’t eat those sliders anymore – stomach won’t accept them)

    Here’s a post I did on Burger King
    flame your way

  2. The only things sold at Burger King that I can tolerate now are the Croissandwiches on the breakfast menu and the regular chicken sandwich on the long bun. I don’t like their burgers at all. Being a senior citizen, I don’t think their advertising is targeting me, and I hope the sly-wanna-be advertising people are not targeting a 9 year old child with “shots” and “six pack” references. The only one left is your age group. I suppose it might be OK if the ads were targeting a sports bar. It just seems kind of odd to think of these ads together with a paper crown.

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