Regaining Momentum

I’ve had a rough patch in my quest for weight loss.  Winter has not been kind.  My exercise routine was disrupted when it got too cold to walk outside.  Then it was time for Thanksgiving.  After that, Christmas reared its high calorie head.  Then there was New Year’s and birthdays and the Super Bowl.  Our family tends to be widely spaced, so each event was transformed into a multi-day celebration.

To make matters worse, it got harder to get to Weight Watchers meetings.  They’re usually held Wednesday nights in the Salvation Army building in Belvidere.  But with Christmas Eve and New Year’s falling on Wednesdays in 2008, they were rescheduled.  The Salvation Army drives literally drove us out of the building on a couple of occasions.  While I could have driven to Poplar Grove or Rockford, both were a long drive and neither of them was after work.

I went to a Weight Watchers meeting a couple of weeks ago for the first time in 2009.  They’ve changed their programs, combining them into one called Momentum.  That’s fine with me; I could never remember if I was on Flex or Core (it was the one with the points).  Momentum has points, but also has some options to eat until you’re satisfied.  I should be more satisfied drinking; Momentum counts caffeinated beverages towards your daily liquids requirement.  My mongo Diet Pepsi from the gas station should have me covered for the week.

I had been walking a few miles every day at our local soccer park by the fairgrounds (at least until the snow buried the paths).  I am looking forward to walking again as I didn’t come up with a good alternative this winter.  I kept on doing my sit ups and I started doing jumping jacks in the morning.  Our bedroom is over the garage with a north facing wall; I count this less as exercise and more as frostbite prevention.  While I am lighter than I was a year ago, I gained back about eight pounds in the past three months.  I am hopeful that things are settling down again into a routine and the weather is (hopefully) going to take a turn for the warmer.



  1. Any malls close by? My mom usually does the Sunday morning laps during the winter at the mall. She’s been off/on WW for the last few years. 20 years ago she lost 30lbs and then gained 50 back. Personally I need to lose 15 to get to my pre-pregnancy weight but not motivated enough.Dieting makes me feel like I’m grounded. The truth of the matter is I’m a carnivore and grew up on steak and hostess desserts. Although I don’t eat cupcakes and suzy q’s on a regular basis anymore. Too bad we didn’t have a healthy snack during the school day like my kids have now. Anyhow you’re moving in the right direction down in weight and up in spirit. By the way our bedroom is above the garage and faces south with skylights and more windows than I care to clean. Talk about freaking cold. I can’t win in the summer either with the skylights and sleeping in the evening before work, have to use a mask to block out the light.

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