Our Domestic Spy

I admit it was probably a mistake to buy one of those “bionic ears” as seen on TV.  I picked it up for five bucks at one of the clearance stores and tried it out during one of Daniel’s flag football games.  It didn’t work very well, so I gave it to Daniel to play with.  Now, our child takes every opportunity he can to spy on Meka and me.  I don’t mind the actual act of being spied upon.  My life is pretty much an open book (well, a blog at least).

Daniel is not exactly the most subtle of investigators.  We watch TV and hear a muffled giggle from the other room, or behind the couch.  We hear a rustle behind the bathroom door that seems to open and close by itself.  And then there are the size five feet poking out of a mysterious pile of blankets that neither Meka nor I can recall lying in the middle of the kitchen floor.

What’s worse is the Bionic Ear apparently doesn’t pick up the words very clearly.  He has to stop every so often and ask us (the spy-ees) what we just said or what we were talking about.  Meka and I were watching television and Daniel was apparently watching us watch television.  Later, he came over to talk to me, concern written on his face.

“Is Grandma going to be all right?” he asked.  I wasn’t quite sure how to answer the question.  I hadn’t heard either Grandma was sick.  “You were talking about her,” he added.  “I heard you say that you need to do what you can to get her bones fixed.”  It took me a few minutes to figure out where he might have heard this.  Then, once I figured it out, it took me a few more minutes to stop laughing.

“Daniel, you were spying on the television,” I explained.  “We weren’t talking about Grandma; they were talking about their ship!”



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