Cub Scout Chaos

The monthly Cub Scout pack meeting fell on a Thursday last month.  For those who don’t follow the Cub Scouts religiously, scouts are arranged by age and geography into dens.  Daniel’s den – number ten – consists of a dozen third graders from our subdivision.  They meet once a week, Monday nights at the local library.  About once a month, all the dens in the area get together.  This is called the pack (though “mob” might be a better description).

I knew things might be problematic when we arrived to an empty gymnasium.  For pack meetings, chairs and a stage are set up so the kids can be recognized for their various achievements and get their patches, beads and other scouting paraphernalia while the adults applaud.  The gym had been locked up until shortly before the meeting was scheduled to start.  The parents all pitched in to get things organized and the kids had a chance to get unorganized.

It was interesting to see what the kids did when there were no den leaders to keep them in line.  Initially they went feral, running around and screaming.  However, after a short time, knots of kids organized themselves.  They made up tag games and other races.  Some kids grouped together and talked sports or argued Pokemon.  I guess I’d call Daniel a “free spirit”.  Left to his own devices, all he wanted to do was run around.  He didn’t care if he was tagging kids or being tagged or what side of the argument he was on.  All he wanted to do was run flat out, around and around the gym.


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